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Music Player


Ring Music Player is easy to use and it has a lot of Features.Round and Elegant design.FEATURES1. Attractive Widgets2. Five Band Equalizer with Bass Booster and Visualizer. 3. Make Custom Ringtones using our in built Ringtone Maker.4. Controls in both notification bar and Lock screen5. Add on options like library scan, browse song files in your folder, song information, Create Custom Playlist, Add to favourite. 6. You can Share the songs via Social Media.7. Plays files like MP3, OGG, WAV etc.8. Search Option for searching the songs in you device.9. Support Installs to SD Card.10. You can Play Specific Files or Folders.
PERMISSIONS IN THE APPLICATION:* Photos/Media/Files: Used to Transfer the Application to Memory Card / SD card.* Microphone/Record Audio: Used For the Functioning of Visualizer.* MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: Used for All Audio Enhancement Settings.Send your Valuable Feedbacks and Suggestions to